Awakening and Discovery

During the month of April, we invite you to begin to look to your yoga practice and understand it as a process of awakening and discovery. Using two of the most accessible tools of yoga, asana (poses), along with pranayama (breath), we can begin to deepen our connection within, to an inner source which lays beyond the mental machinations of mind and ego.

For most of us, our ego mind has a tendency to be extremely self-serving; the ego wants us to preserve our self-image, to look and act a certain way, to chase after those things we like, and avoid at all costs those things we don’t like. This can lead us into a life where we are so caught up in what’s happening around us, continuing to serve our personal habits, history and self-defeating patterns, we rarely get a chance to be present with the forces of our internal worlds. And this is where stepping onto our mats comes into play.

During our asana practice, we are using our bodies to come into various forms which open energy channels (nadis) and connect us with not just our physical bodies, but also more subtle forms of energy (prana) which powers our bodies. This process of awakening and discovery, through time and practice, helps us to lift the veil of our ego minds, and see the world through much clearer eyes. We begin to see how we can serve not the lower self of the ego, but a much higher source within. We begin to recognize that true fulfillment comes not from what we can do for our lower selves, but how we can freely serve our highest divinity, our TrueForm.


Has yoga changed your life? Has it transformed you from the inside out? Send us a message and let us know! We’d love to hear from you.