Liberation and Freedom…

This month, our country celebrates Freedom & Liberation on July 4th, Independence Day! As yogis, we can focus on choosing Freedom & Liberation for ourselves. Liberation from what, you may ask? Well, as a country, we know we were seeking liberation from England and the rule of King George III, but what about us as individuals, as yogis?

In yoga, we understand that the body-mind is an instrument, an instrument for recognizing the truth of who we are, our divine nature. On our mats, in our asana practice, our body-mind is developed. We learn and experience a myriad of techniques which benefit us in every possible way. As we practice, we improve our health and physique, we experience a sense of calm and peace, we gain new purpose and feel deeper happiness, our everyday lives improve and we create life mastery. And with ALL of this, there is still more!

The ultimate purpose of yoga is liberation. For our purposes, we can think of it as liberation from our smaller, limited selves and liberation as our higher, unlimited Self. To experience our higher Self is to experience who and what we truly are: Divine Consciousness. At this level of awareness, an inner bliss takes over from within and the separation between “us” and “them” or “me” and “you” disappears. We are at one with what is, and know ourselves to be so much more than the body-mind.

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This year, as we celebrate our country’s Freedom & Liberation, recognize what’s possible and available to you, right now! Truly experiencing this emancipation is not only your right as a citizen but as a card-carrying member of the human race!