The Power of Routine

Hey everyone, welcome to September! For many of us, this is a time where our kids have gone back to school, recommitting to their education and growth, making big adjustments in their routines. So what happens with us and our routines? Whether we have kids of our own or not, some of us have a very difficult time coming out of “slacker mode”, and we don’t have a school bus waiting down the street for us to climb onto and be mandatorily driven to the next phase of our personal growth and evolution. Instead, we have the tools of yoga to get us back on track!

The power of routine and habit is something we hear about pretty consistently in our modern culture, and it’s a core principle the yogis have been practicing for thousands of years. Last month, we discussed Tapas, the internal fire that is stoked and the literal heat we feel when exercising focus and discipline. We are creatures of habit, and once we’ve established an unhelpful routine or habit, it takes a healthy dose of Tapas to course correct and headed in the right direction.

So notice, what habit or routine have you gotten into lately that’s not necessarily helpful? Perhaps there’s a habit or practice you’re currently exercising and realize more of the same would be clearly beneficial? One of the many gifts of practicing yoga is heightened awareness and the ability to see ourselves more clearly. We invite you to notice your patterns throughout the day and recognize that, like brushing your teeth every day, there might be something more you could incorporate into your daily routine in furtherance of your health, happiness and well being.