Hello everyone, and yes, it’s true, we are heading into March, can you believe it?? It seems to me that as soon as we get adjusted to being with one thing (or season or month!) it’s time to be with another. Case in point: most of us have become acclimated with the cooler weather and now, even with the fickleness of Mother Nature here in Florida, we can be sure the temperatures will consistently begin rising. Some of us will be happy about the change in weather, and others will decry the heat and cling to our stylish winter boots.

So, where do you stand? And I’m not talking just the change of season, but change in general? Most of us have the tendency to be okay with change, provided we know what it is and we’re fairly certain we’ll like it! But what about those changes we don’t have any information about? Or how about self-initiated changes we know we need in our life but we’ve been reluctant to take the next step? How can we be relaxed with the uncertainty that change brings?

One thing is for sure, change is inevitable. The Buddhist doctrine of impermanence tells us it’s not only inevitable, but it’s also continuous and unavoidable. Take a moment and look back on your own life experiences; it’s true, right? The only thing we can be sure of is that however life is showing up now, it’s bound to change. And for those of us living a full life, these changes come more frequently and often with more intensity. Just knowing that change is a constant factor in life can help ease the stress that often accompanies it. And with the practice of yoga, we begin to gain a sense of intuition that provides an inner compass, directing our actions in times of uncertainty and providing a sense of stability.

So live it up, embrace this moment and all the changes it brings! And remember, yoga helps EVERYTHING!! <3