Season’s Greetings, Yogis!

It’s December, the last month of the year, and oh boy, has this one been a doozy! But before this year is over, let’s shift gears and direct our attention towards something positive. In fact, we now have a multitude of holidays upon us, with each one allowing us the opportunity to recognize the power of giving AND receiving.

When we think about what we want to give during this holiday season, it’s helpful to think about what we want to receive. For many of us, what we want to receive is something from the heart. And with the chaos that’s been erupting all around us for the better part of this year, a heartfelt gift might be just what the doctor ordered!

A heartfelt gift comes in many shapes and sizes, depending on the giver and the receiver’s sentiments. It could be simply spending time with a loved one or giving a particular book or an old photograph for some of us. And still others have been saving up all year-long to give our partner that expensive camera he’s had his eye on for ages.

We give not out of some sense of obligation or because we’re trying to impress the receiver. If we find that we move into any sort of expectation, this is a sure sign that our heart is overshadowed by our ego. Our ego only provides something if it thinks it will get something in return. In contrast, our heart shares for the sake of sharing, thereby providing a sense of true fulfillment to the giver.

Giving from the heart is in and of itself its own gift. Looking for a way to experience a truly heart-opening this holiday season? Give it away, whatever it is, from the heart. I promise, it will come back to you ten-fold. <3

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