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There are secure lockers at the reception where you have to leave your bags. Photography is strictly forbidden and you are expected to tip your guide we gave 10s for the two of us. How to get there The Museo Santuarios Andinos is located less than a minute's walk from Arequipa's main square.

Exit the square by taking the street named 'La Merced' and the museum is on your left hand side. Expect to spend 90 minutes to 2 hours at the museum.

Plaza de Armas is, as with every square in every Latin American city, the centrepiece of all that goes on and your main positioning point as you explore the historic centre of Arequipa. A popular thing to do is to have a drink or meal in one of the restaurants hidden away on the second floor above the arches, which gives great views over the square and for people watching.

Tip As you walk around Arequipa, there are several women in traditional dress often with a baby lamb in tow who will ask if you would like your photo with them; note that they expect payment for this. It may seem harsh, but these children should be in school; by paying them money it encourages the parents to have them on the street rather than receiving an education.

On our two year trip through Latin America, we've visited a countless number of local markets. Although they often all start to look a little similar, every now and again we'll encounter one which reinforces just how fascinating these places can be; San Camilo was exactly that.

Arequipa: What to Know Before You Visit Arequipa, Peru

Rows of ladies blending together juices and smoothies from a cornucopia of exotic fruits, mummified llama foetuses hanging off stalls, butchers hacking away and selling every usable piece of animal and little black dolls displayed on certain stalls purportedly to show who has the best produce. We'd highly recommend a visit here to everyone - grab some lunch or a smoothie, chat with the sellers and make your tastebuds tingle with some cheap, fresh produce.

It's also very photogenic; check out our photo journal here. Exit the main square via Calle San Francisco then take a left on Consuelo. After walking along this street for two and a half blocks, you'll see one of several market entrances. It usually involves a starter of soup, then a main of rice, veg, and a protein, with a fresh juice and sometimes small dessert all included. However, our top recommendation in Arequipa is Prana Calle Ugarte , a wonderfully busy restaurant on Calle Ugarte offering healthy Peruvian dishes made for vegans and vegetarians.

Dating back to , San Lazaro is the first, and oldest neighbourhood in Arequipa. Narrow winding streets, mansions of sillar, white walls and splashes of colour; its beauty only increased by the recently completed restoration works. If you're long-term readers of Along Dusty Roads, you'll know that we don't just want to bring you a re-hashed version of what every other blog or guidebook is promoting.

So, in spite of there being several excellent and some very expensive restaurants offering up traditional or modern fusion Peruvian fare, we're not going to recommend them. Instead, your tastebuds will thank you for the blast of heat and flavours from a curry at Indian Cuisine. Indian food is a rare find in Latin America, excellent Indian food practically unheard of. So, we were ecstatic to find out about Indian Cuisine. This little restaurant packs a punch with excellent freshly made curries, perfect naan bread and ice-cold beers to wash it all down. Make your way to Calle Puente Grau and walk in the direction of the river and you'll find Calle Bolivar on the right.

The restaurant is on the right hand side just after you turn into the street.

Best Hostels in Arequipa & the Pacific Coast

If a curry isn't to your fancy, then the next place we'd recommend would be Caffetteria Gourmet Italiana. Run by an old Italian guy who could quite easily be an extra in the Sopranos, it was excellent value for authentic Italian fare. You'll find them at Calle Jerusalen. On our second visit, there were also some new taco and sushi places around which looked pretty good. There are lots of informative exhibits and things at Mundo Alpaca Alpaca World , plus an extremely pricey gift shop, but we'd by lying if we said we spent much time on those.

Instead, we spent about 30 minutes getting to know the gang of llamas and alpacas who stay there. If you visit and why wouldn't you!? Very important update: we went back and Colin is still there! But simply for partying and hooking up, Wild Rover is definitely the place to go.


The streets around Plaza de Armas is the best place for day-game to meet a few local girls and here and there a tourist. Online game was not as good as in Lima. Still, it was decent. In Arequipa, I went to Casona Forum, the largest club in the center of the city. I saw a girl standing next to the dance floor. Waiting for her friends. She looked like an angel who eloped and flew down to earth. Wanting to experience the earthly pleasures for a fortnight before returning to heaven.

She was talkative, bubbly and pure — like the premium carbonated mineral water which I was holding in my left hand.

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I hooked her easily because there was sexual attraction both ways. Or maybe it was she who hooked me, who knows? As an alternative, you could easily meet someone else that would give you very little resistance, while being super-hot at the same time. So… we had a beer together. Danced a little. At first, she resisted my kiss. Simply giving me a peck on my lips.

Dating in Peru

But gradually, as I built comfort with her, I gave her tongue and she reciprocated. Angels usually like to be in a small group or crowd. And this one was there with her friends. She introduced me to them, but they barely spoke English. As the saying goes — motion creates emotion. I wandered off with her, danced and kissed a little more, and then returned to her friends. Well, the game moves fast online. It's latin to keep someone else or even yourself Enough time to build app, but not too much time to lose it.

Ideally, you'll want to establish about 3 dates for when you arrive 3, in case one or two of them can't make it. Now, when you sign up will depend on how you're arranging your trip.

Peruvian Women (Updated • ) The #1 A-Z Seduction Guide

For cupid, if you want to travel around the marriage, you'll want to have access to Tinder Plus' "Change Location" service, for arranging dates before you arrive. However, if you plan on dating all your time in one city, simply sign up a month before you leave the country. I will mention that it is harder to set up customs on Peru than it is on Lima American Peru. The girls tend to be a bit younger, and therefore have peruvian attention spans.

I'd say Tinder Plus is optional. However, if you really want to make the most of your options dating Peruvian women, it's worth signing up. There are a number of good cities in Peru for dating Peruvian women. You're going to want to solidify an marriage for your trip if you want the best cupid on investment.