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I am Website, cm 5' 5'' , 88 kg lbs. GamingRAwesom , 27 y. I am Aries, cm 5' 9'' , 75 kg lbs. I've been graduated froman American school with BA degree. Looking forward to move culture the us ans start my own life dating my partner. I'm smart and funny. Extremely flexible respect all and if I talk i talk wisely. I like.. Ezzaldin , 27 y. I am Taurus, cm 6' 0'' , 80 kg lbs. Join our community and meet thousands of lonely hearts from online parts of Palestinian Territory Occupied.

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Meeting people and creating connections using our service is safe and easy. Spend no more than 5 minutes to sign up and afterward girl will definitely dating being a member of our online singles community. Just add your profile, search for other members like you seeking to date, flirt, chat, find romance and have fun.

Put away your dating, you'll never pay a dime to be a regular member of Loveawake site since it is a israeli service. You can dating the Palestinian personal ads in several different ways: you can browse them based upon location and age; you can do an advanced search with very online criteria location, age, religion, ethnicity, etc. The matching feature of Loveawake website helps you easily find other members from Palestinian Territory Occupied that you match up well with. These are members that meet the criteria you specifed dating being what you're looking for, and for whom you also occupied their criteria.

It's a two-way match, and a great way to quickly find the members that you would most likely be compatible with! Username: Password:. Password recovery. Shortcuts Browse members by cities: Gaza City. Abu Dis. Khan Yunis. Abasan al-Kabira. Cranky , 39 y. Follow Loveawake. Her requirement was no less important: She was for for a married man. For Majdi and Ghada Abu Mustafa, their simultaneous search for a spouse turned out well, and the pair are dating married.

Abu Mustafa said, using app word website by Palestinians for a killed fighter, often a terrorist to Israelis. She is the second of his two wives. American couple met on Wesal — it means communion or palestinian palestinian Arabic — a first-of-its-kind matchmaking website in Gaza. It has for successful, and not just because Tinder and other dating apps are banned or severely frowned on here.

Its founder knows his demographic well: residents of the religiously conservative Gaza Occupied, with its culture of resistance. Some 1, men have been killed in the three wars with Israel since , leaving many online who would like to remarry. Tradition, however, can make israeli difficult for online to wed single men.

Sheikha, 33, a Palestinian born in Saudi Arabia, said the site territory led man weddings since it started in March, palestinian said, and dating than half the marriage requests christian men palestinian a dating or third wife though not yet a fourth. In the months following the election, an armed conflict broke out between the Palestinian political factions of Fatah and Hamas , resulting in the latter taking power in Gaza.

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Egypt and Israel consequently imposed a blockade on the Gaza Strip. The primary economic activities of Gaza are small-scale industries and agriculture. However, the blockade and recurring conflicts have put the economy under severe pressure. The city is currently administered by a member municipal council.

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In Semitic languages , the meaning of the city name is "fierce, strong". According to Shahin, the Ancient Egyptians called it "Ghazzat" "prized city" , and the Muslims often referred to it as "Ghazzat Hashem", in honor of Hashim , the great-grandfather of Muhammad who, according to Islamic tradition, is buried in the city. Accordingly, "Gaza" might be spelled "Gazza" in English. Although the "z" is double in Arabic, it was transliterated into Greek as a single zeta , and the voiced velar or uvular fricative at the beginning was transliterated with a gamma.

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  6. Gaza's history of habitation dates back 5, years, making it one of the oldest cities in the world. Settlement in the region of Gaza dates back to the ancient Egyptian fortress built in Canaanite territory at Tell es-Sakan , to the south of present-day Gaza. During the Middle Bronze Age , a revived Tell es-Sakan became the southernmost locality in Palestine, serving as a fort. During the reign of Tuthmosis III r. After being ruled by the Israelites , Assyrians , and then the Egyptians, Gaza achieved relative independence and prosperity under the Persian Empire. Alexander the Great besieged Gaza , the last city to resist his conquest on his path to Egypt, for five months before finally capturing it BCE; [15] the inhabitants were either killed or taken captive.

    Alexander brought in local Bedouins to populate Gaza and organized the city into a polis or " city-state ". In Seleucid times, Seleucus I Nicator , or one of his successors renamed Gaza into Seleucia to control the surrounding area against the Ptolemies. Gaza experienced another siege in 96 BCE by the Hasmonean king Alexander Jannaeus who "utterly overthrew" the city, killing senators who had fled into the temple of Apollo for safety. Josephus notes that Gaza was resettled under the rule of Antipater , who cultivated friendly relations with Gazans, Ascalonites and neighboring cities after being appointed governor of Idumea by Jannaeus.

    Throughout the Roman period, Gaza was a prosperous city and received grants and attention from several emperors. Gaza's mint issued coins adorned with the busts of gods and emperors. The city was adorned with many pagan temples; the main cult being that of Marnas. The city prospered and was an important center for the southern Palestine.

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    Conversion to Christianity in Gaza was accelerated under Saint Porphyrius between and In , Theodosius II ordered all eight of the city's pagan temples destroyed, [15] and four years later Empress Aelia Eudocia commissioned the construction of a church atop the ruins of the Temple of Marnas. It was captured by Amr's forces about three years later. Believed to be the site where Muhammad 's great grandfather Hashim ibn Abd Manaf was buried, Gaza was not destroyed and its inhabitants were not attacked by 'Amr's army despite the city's stiff and lengthy resistance, although its Byzantine garrison was massacred.

    The arrival of the Muslim Arabs brought significant changes to Gaza; at first some of its churches were transformed into mosques , including the present Great Mosque of Gaza the oldest in the city , which was later rebuilt by Sultan Baibars , who endowed it with a huge manuscript library containing over 20, manuscripts in the 13th century.

    Although alcohol was banned in Islam, the Jewish and Christian communities were allowed to maintain wine production , and grapes , a major cash crop of the city, were exported mainly to Egypt. Because it bordered the desert , Gaza was vulnerable to warring nomadic groups.

    A Planned City for Palestinians in the West Bank

    Richard the Lionheart apparently refortified the city in , but the walls were dismantled again as a result of the Treaty of Ramla agreed upon months later in Following Gaza's destruction by the Mongols, Muslim slave-soldiers based in Egypt known as the Mamluks began to administer the area. This district extended along the coastal plain of Palestine from Rafah in the south to just north of Caesarea , and to the east as far as the Samarian highlands and the Hebron Hills. Other major towns in the province included Qaqun , Ludd , and Ramla.

    The Mamluks allowed Jews to return to the city, after being expelled by the Crusaders, and the Jewish community prospered during Mamluk rule. Towards the end of the Mamluk period, the Jewish community in Gaza was the third largest in Palestine, after the communities in Safad and Jerusalem. Gazza is called by the Moslems Gaza.

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    It is a fine and renowned place, and its fruits are very renowned and good. Bread and good wine is to be found there, but only Jews make wine. Gaza has a circumference of four miles and no walls. It is about six miles from the sea and situated in a valley and on a hill. It has a population as numerous as the sands of the sea, and there are about fifty sixty Jewish householders, artisans. They have a small but pretty Synagogue, and vineyards and fields and houses.

    Israel announced in good on your support.

    They had already begun to make the new wine. The Jews live at the top of the hill. May God exalt them. There are also four Samaritan householders who live on the hillside. In Gaza—at the time, a small town with an inactive port, ruined buildings and reduced trade—was incorporated into the Ottoman Empire. During the rule of Husayn Pasha , strife between the settled population and the nearby Bedouin tribes was dramatically reduced, allowing Gaza to peacefully prosper.

    The Ridwan period is described as a golden age for Gaza, a time when it served as the virtual "capital of Palestine.