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Email address. Password Forgot password? Recently viewed: Early pregnancy and dating sc Login to save this page. There are practically no serious diseases of the horse in the island, with the exception of glanders. There is a little of this disease scattered about, no locality being particularly infested with it.

This is an inflammation of the cleft of the frog, and may occur in any or all of the feet. It is caused generally by standing in mud or manure.

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The horse goes slightly lame. There is a slight but very foul-smelling discharge from the cleft of the frog. Treatment: Keep the foot clean and d ry. Trim out the frog so you can get at the bottom of the cleft. Apply pure tincture of iodine once daily. Dust in calomel and pack cleft with oakum or absorbent cotton. Change dressing daily. Packing with powdered charcoal is also effective. It is an extensive inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue of the lower extremities; if the morbid process extends beneath the hoof, causing it to slough, it is called "hoof rot.

If it becomes circumscribed, resulting in local suppuration, an abscess or ulcer is the result. Cause of the disease: The disease is brought in by animals coming from practice marches into the interior and camping on grounds or fields infected by cattle, or they may be infected by being transported on vessels formerly used for, transportation of cattle coming from Central and South America. Bacteriological examinations of Pasteur have proven that the disease is caused by a streptococcus.

Course of the disease: Like all infectious diseases, suppurative cellulitis is a self-limited one; that is, if once an animal is affected, the disease will run its course and there is no way of checking it until its virulency is exhausted. As a rule, a number of animals which are subjected to the same conditions are attacked at the same time, resembling an epizootic. Usually but one foot is affected; sometimes, however, two or more. Symptoms: A swelling of the lower part of the leg is usually the first symptom of the disease, and the disease and the swelling often extend to the knee or hock; there is considerable pain, the subcutaneous tissues become indurated, the skin is thickened and dry and usually cracks, followed by a discharge of thick, creamy pus.

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The swelling subsides and the leg is returned to its normal condition; in most cases it is accompanied by sloughing of the skin around the pastern. The course of the disease is from ten to fifteen days. The exceptions are largely in those cases where the inflammatory process extends to the coronary cushion, in which cases the disease is most serious, and mostly results in sloughing of the hoof and death from septicavmia.

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  • All dead pieces of skin or tissue should be carefully removed and the wound treated antiseptically; cauterized with lunar caustic when necessary and the wound from time to time swabbed with a Mild solution of chloride of zinc; bandaging is in most cases indicated. If cellulitis has appeared around the coronary band, dispersal is favored by warm baths to which some antiseptic is added. The appearance of distinct fluctuation is the sign.

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    After the discharge of the pus, which is blood stained or decomposed, the cavity should be washed out with disinfectants and tampons inserted to check the bleeding. The tampons can be kept in position for twenty-four hours by a bandage, the pressure of which will assist its styptic effect, but care must be taken that the bandage is not applied so tightly as to cause necrosis.

    For a few days the cavity is syringed out and treated antiseptically, tampons and bandage. Precaution must be taken against retention of pus. Prevention: The disease is due to a local infection of some kind, brought in by cattle from Central and South America.

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    Where a herd of cattle or sheep have been pasturing there is danger of infection; also, on the steamers they have been transported on cattle or sheep infected with that disease. The prevention of disease consists in clipping the fetlocks of all animals and then washing the fetlocks with castile soap and warm water.

    Wherever the sea is near enough give the animals a chance to get a daily foot bath; both infected as well as noninfected of course only those which are able to walk without causing hemorrhages from the fetlocks. It is characterized by moist gangrene of the skin and adjacent tissues of the phalanges of solipeds, which produces extensive sloughing; infection through slight wounds being doubtless a very important factor in the causation, obstruction's to the circulation might be suspected, but were that the cause the necrosis would be confined to the part robbed of nutrition and the dead separated from the living tissue and no further invasion occur; but in this affection new areas are rapidly invaded 43 44 CUBA IN GENERAL.

    The disease is sudden in its attack, often manifesting itself in the night, though its true character may remain obscure for two or even three days. The leg involved is swollen and extremely painful and resembles an acute attack of scratches. In the latter the soreness and swelling subside with exercise, while in the former it does not, but is aLyLyravated and the debility of the patient is more marked. A careful examination will reveal a moisture of the skin in the affected part and by pressure a turbid serum, having the characteristic odor of gangrene, can be squeezed out; the surface of the necrotic spots will be cold and clammy, while surrounding parts may' have a feeling of subnormal temperature.

    The necrotic patches are usually small, but may involve larger areas. If located at posterior part of fetlock it may extend across the region as a crack, like scratches, or it may extend up and down on either side of the flexor tendons from the coronet to the fetlock, involving the region immediately superior. The swelling may extend to the hock or knee, the animal becoming restless and showing extreme pain. The temperature is elevated, respiration hurried, the pulse increased, small and weak, and debility soon becomes well marked.

    In about three or four days the necrotic patches are cast off as slimy patches. The disease may terminate here and the wound will fill with granulation, and recovery by cicatrization be complete in about two weeks, but this termination is exceptional, for, in most cases, new areas superficial and deep are invaded, sloughing extends, tendons, hoof, and ligaments are destroy ed, and even the capsular ligament may be involved. In most instances the system absorbs a sufficient amount of poison from the wound to produce a general septic condition that rapidly leads to death; the difference in the termination often noticed is probably due to the ability of the system to resist the poisons.

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    As the infection may' take place through a very small wound, treatment by preventive measures is not likely to be successful.