Give the Gift of Receiving

Give the Gift of Receiving

Fa La La, Ho Ho Ho, Season’s Greetings, and Let’s Go Shopping! The holidays are upon us; we’ve got gifts to buy, lists to check, and people to make happy, right? This busyness is a prerequisite to getting into the holiday spirit, right? If you’re like me, absolutely! But does it have to be like this? Does all the work and doing and giving fall squarely on one person’s shoulders? No, of course not! But for women, holiday responsibilities tend to land on our shoulders. Even worse, many of us proudly step up to take it all on ourselves. It seems we’ve tied that hero’s cape around our necks so tightly that we’ve cut off oxygen flow to our brains! So much so that we delude ourselves with the belief that it is us and us alone who can get things done and get things done right! Oof, what a mess we create for ourselves, all in the name of giving and holiday joy! No wonder this “magical” time of year can be stressful!

Well, guess what? It’s not all about you, and it’s not all about me; it’s also about them. We are not the only people who like giving; they do too!

Yes, I understand; we’re trained early to be independent and to capably deal with life’s responsibilities while flying solo. The occasional reliance upon an unskilled coworker or tentative acquaintance leading to unfortunate results might have reinforced this training. Experiencing disappointment when relying on others does happen. However, it’s essential to learn to receive from those genuinely willing to give and to get past any feelings of shame and unworthiness that might appear in the process. We all deserve the help we want and need, and the important people in our lives are eager and willing to give it! We deny someone else the chance to give by not asking for support.

We all feel good about giving when it comes from the heart. We naturally like helping people when we are in sync with our Spirit, our Higher Selves. Yet, we often forget that other people feel the same way. We tell ourselves, “Oh, I don’t want to bother anyone. I don’t want to be a burden”, but nothing is further from the Truth!

The people who know you, like you, trust you; they want to be there for you, just like you’ve been there for them! And not out of a sense of obligation or guilt, but rather out of joy and being inflow to experience life more fully.

For every Giver, there has to be a Receiver; why would we deny someone the experience of being that Giver?

Happy Holidays, Season Greetings, and Much Love to you!