200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

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4 Months – 7 Weekends – Unlimited Yoga

YTT begins March 1, 2024!

About the Training

200 Hour TrueForm® Yoga Teacher Training 

Our 200 Hour TrueForm® Yoga Teacher Training will provide you with so much more than a certificate.  All of our workshops and training sessions are centered around life mastery.  As you deepen your personal practice, we empower you to live your life on purpose.  Imagine a life where circumstances no longer dictate your experience – you do! With 100 years of combined experience our dedicated teachers are here to provide you with a journey of self-discovery into the deepest heart of yoga. The greatest teachers share from the well of their own experience. Are you ready to share your love for yoga?

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Why Choose TrueForm™?


Deepen Your Practice

Create a well-rounded personal practice, on and off the mat.  Explore your habits and limiting tendencies with skillful application of yogic principles such as meditation, pranayama and more.

Individualized Support

We are here to support you in finding your own unique connection to teaching the practice of yoga.  Ongoing access to one-on-one mentorship and group support is available throughout the course.

Experiential Learning

You will receive ancient yogic teachings in a user friendly modality, an experiential understanding of the ancient texts and how you can practically apply the teachings to your life.

Earn Your Certificate

Upon successful completion, you will be eligible to receive the credentials through Yoga Alliance that will allow you to teach yoga anywhere.

Expand Your Knowledge

Our program will expand your current understanding of yoga. You will learn the power of yoga postures, the importance of deliberate sequencing, and just how relevant the ancient teachings of yoga are to your life now.

Life Mastery

Our yoga teacher training curriculum has been carefully designed to teach each participant time-honored yogic techniques to live a life they truly love.

Embody the Teachings.  Become the Teacher.


200 Hour TrueForm® Yoga Teacher Training 

Our TrueForm® teacher training offers its participants a deep understanding of the wonders of yoga, not only through reading required texts and listening to engaging lectures, but most impactfully through experiential learning. Throughout the four months, you will be gaining an in-depth knowledge about yoga postures, anatomy, proper alignment, and so much more. You will be preparing to share your love of yoga safely, effectively, and powerfully to anyone, anywhere. Topics to be covered:




Posture Workshops

The Business of Yoga



Yoga Philosophy

Practice Teaching

Adjustments & Props

Transformation is the

pathway to Certification.

Expert Instructors

Meet Your Teachers

TrueForm® Yoga Teacher Training was founded by Kristine Valentine-Miller, ERYT-500, YACEP.  She and Nira Colyn, RYT 200, MD, are the primary teachers throughout the four-month journey to certification.  During the training, several expert teachers present on a variety of topics. Each teacher delivers his or her content based on their training and years (for some, decades) of experience as both student and teacher. The teachers show up as their True Selves sharing their unique perspectives, styles and approaches to sharing yoga.

Kristine Valentine-Miller, ERYT-500, YACEP

Founder of TrueForm® Yoga Teacher Training 

Although Kristine began practicing yoga back in 1997, her focus shifted from a primarily physical practice to one invoking the mental and spiritual benefits while attending her 200 hour training in 2008 at Amrit Yoga Institute. During this immersion, Kristine experienced first-hand that yoga is so much more than postures, it’s a map for life!

Since her initial 200 hour yoga teacher training, Kristine developed a true passion for yoga and has dedicated herself to continually learning about the vast offerings of yoga. She has since obtained certifications in and assisted with teaching 300 Hour YTT, Advanced Yoga Nidra, Yoga Therapy, Integral Breath Therapy, Yoga of Recovery, and numerous, additional yoga studies.

Kristine founded OYC in 2015, and shortly thereafter designed TrueForm® YTT, bringing the breadth of this knowledge into her own authentic and unique teachings.

Nira Colyn, RYT-200

TrueForm® Yoga Teacher Training Lead Instructor

Nira was first introduced to yoga by her mother as a child in the 1970’s. In 2012, she started attending yoga classes to change up her workout. She quickly got hooked by the way yoga made her feel: relaxed, lighter, and peaceful.

Nira did her yoga teacher training on the Big Island of Hawaii at Yoga Adventure with Deborah Koehn & David Blehert. She received a Yoga Nidra Facilitator certification at the Amrit Yoga Institute in Salt Springs, FL.

Nira teaches yoga because it changed her life, and she wants to provide that opportunity to her students. She deeply believes that yoga is for everyone and for every body type. She tries to make it as accessible as possible to all of her students so that they can experience the profound benefits of yoga on the body, mind, and soul.


Words from our Graduates

“I went into the 200-hour YTT with the main objective of improving alignment and strengthening my asana practice. What I found is that yoga is much more of a mental than a physical practice.  Thanks to the incredible instructors, each with a unique perspective, I discovered so much more beyond the mat.  I learned life applications such as pranayama techniques, yogic philosophies and mindfulness skills.”
Tara Chalker

Graduate, 200 Hour TrueForm® Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

“The teacher training I received at Ocala Yoga Center showed me the fundamentals that I will always use in my yoga teaching practice.  The inspiration they have given me has changed the course of my yoga practice. I am on a new path that holds much excitement for me in the future. Ask a lot of questions! Kristine and Nira are both invaluable sources of information and great company.”

Michael Messner

Graduate, 200 Hour TrueForm® Yoga Teacher Training


Dates & Times

4 Months – 7 Weekends – Unlimited Yoga

YTT Begins March 1, 2024!

 March 1-3, 8-10, 22-24 

April 5-7, 19-21 

May 3-5, 17-19

Unlimited Yoga Classes & Workshops

Throughout the four month training you receive FREE access to unlimited yoga classes at Ocala Yoga Center and FREE attendance to all specialty workshops hosted at the studio.

Session Times

Fridays: 5pm – 8pm

Saturdays: 9am – 8pm

Sundays: 9am – 8pm

Unique Mentorship Program

TrueForm® Yoga Teacher Training understands the need for individualized support as you move through the transformative journey of life mastery. We include one-on-one mentorship for each student. This offer is included in tuition and available throughout the four month program and thirty days after graduation.


Payment Options

Prior to making your initial payment – please fill out the TrueForm® Yoga Teacher Training Application and we will contact you regarding registration.

Early Bird Pricing – $2800

 Before February 9, 2024

Standard Pricing – $3,000


Payment Plan – $500 Deposit x 5 Payments

Rather pay in installments? Make your $500 deposit today to reserve your spot!  5 additional payments of $500 before sessions.

Frequently asked questions


Does this training allow me to be certified through Yoga Alliance?
Yes! Our studio and trainings are accredited with Yoga Alliance. We understand that these credentials may be important to those who are seeking to teach in a non-studio environment. As yoga is becoming more popular, and more and more studies are being published on the benefits of yoga, non-traditional environments like substance abuse recovery centers, veteran’s organizations, and businesses are seeking qualified yoga teachers. A credential from a governing body like Yoga Alliance indicates a level of education and professionalism these types of organizations are typically looking for.
How much yoga experience do I need to participate in this training?
It is helpful for students in this training to have some familiarity with yoga and yoga postures, but minimal experience is required. More helpful than experience is an open mind and willingness to learn, practice and grow!
What styles of yoga will I be certified to teach?

In order to give you the most comprehensive training we possibly can, we have incorporated several different styles into our training, including Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin. A yoga asana practice may have varied styles, each having its own significance. Practicing many styles will give you a more holistic view of what resonates for you, along with how and what you’d like to teach to your students.

What lineage do you follow?

The teachings you will be receiving during this training are influenced by a variety of yoga masters and highly respected teachers, including Yogi Amrit Desai, Kamini Desai, Eric Walrabenstein, Annie Carpenter, Mickey Singer, Kathryn Budig, Paramahansa Yogananda, B.K. Iyenger, and Phillip Askew – just to name a few.

Can I take this course even if I do not want to be a yoga teacher?

Yes, you can absolutely take this course without becoming a yoga teacher! You will, however, be required to practice teach with your follow trainees and be required to develop a class of your own prior to graduation in order to receive a certificate of completion. The practice teaching with each other throughout the training is an empowering exercise and helps to integrate the lessons you’ll be learning each weekend. The focus of this training is about the transformation that happens for you over this six month process. The changes that will naturally begin occurring for you will begin to be noticed and ultimately rub off on all those around you; so, without the formality of a class, you will actually be a very effective teacher off the mat.

Can I still participate if I have an injury? If I am pregnant?
Yes, if you have a particular injury, or if you are pregnant, we will work with you to show proper modifications for the asana portions of the training.
Is there homework outside of the course dates?

Yes, there will be assignments in between our weekend modules. These assignments include journaling, anatomy, lecture questions, self and group practice, along with reading materials.

What happens if I can't attend a specific weekend?
If you are not able to attend a specific weekend, it is your responsibility to notify staff and make up the material covered. Missing a portion of the material covered during any one weekend will almost certainly require you to personally meet with one or more of the lead trainers in order for you to make up the material. If this occurs, that trainer will require compensation at a minimum rate of $75 per hour, the same rate as a private lesson.

Yes! I want to begin this journey of Life Mastery and Yoga Training.

Have a question? Feel free to reach out to us and we will be in touch to see if this program is the right fit for you!