Nurturing and Cultivating Love through Presence and Awareness

Love, it’s what makes the world go ‘round, right? We’re all looking for it, we all need it, we all want more of it! Whether it’s your spouse, child, parent, friend, neighbor or self, these relationships can define us and help us to uncover deep wells of love and compassion we all hold within. How? Through awareness and presence.


Just the simple act of staying present for a simple conversation is an act of love. Notice what happens the next time you decide to truly listen to what your spouse is saying about how his day went, or to what your child is telling you about his terrible school lunch, or even to your neighbor’s unsolicited recommendation of a good lawn care service (whom you should call sooner rather than later). Notice the tendency to look away, to think about what you want to say or even cut the other person off because you’re just too busy to listen. Observe the state of allowing that bubbles up from within when you’re making eye contact with this person and letting go of the thoughts that naturally arise in response to their comments. The act of holding space for the other, through presence and awareness, consequently brings up feelings of compassion and love. We start seeing the other from the perspective of our heart, rather than that of our mind.


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