Celebrate Giving

Hello Yogis, and welcome to December! This is the last month of the year and the time to celebrate so many wonderful holidays: Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, Boxing Day, Omisoka, etc., not to mention Winter Solstice! There is so much happening this time of year, that we forget what we’re doing it for: the opportunity to celebrate giving.

We want to buy the perfect gift, to throw the perfect party, to make the perfect dinner, but why? Is it to share in our abundance? To give freely from our hearts? Or is it to impress the receiver with how much we have, how much we really care, how wonderfully talented and organized we are, or, the ultimate impression so many of us are wanting to make…how perfect we ourselves are.

Listen, I’m not saying this is a behavior we consciously engage in, but it happens to the best of us, including yours truly and it’s quite funny when you stop and think about it. All the shopping, planning and doing that has the tendency to leave us feeling stressed and overwhelmed, to what end? So this person on the receiving end sees what a great person you are, and recognizes that you really do have your sh!t together? See what I mean, funny, right?!

So the invitation here is to recognize the abundance within you and around you, and give freely from the heart. To recognize your intention, the motivation driving your actions, and check-in with yourself. What am I doing this for and what do I want to express, about myself and to this other person? Is what I’m giving coming freely from within, or am I expecting something in return, whether it’s praise, attention, or a really cool present?

Truly honoring the season takes practice. It requires a level of consciousness and awareness that is continuously increasing with the practice of yoga. Each time you practice yoga, whether on the mat or off, brings the opportunity to celebrate giving to yourself and giving to all who come in contact with you. So, keep celebrating and we’ll see you on the mat!

Has yoga changed your life? Has it transformed you from the inside out? Send us a message and let us know! We’d love to hear from you.