Happy November everyone! Yes, you read that right, it’s November, and though many of us are continually presented with life’s challenges, the month of Thanksgiving is a reminder for us to recognize the abundance in our lives.


Now, upon hearing this, some of us may involuntarily roll our eyeballs or inadvertently let out a groan. And I get it, believe me, I get it. But for those of us in the yoga/personal growth community, even though it may seem corny, we know that a healthy dose of gratitude in our lives can be exactly what the doctor ordered. Allow me to pontificate:


When we cultivate gratitude in our daily lives, the first thing it forces us to do is to slow down and to get present. Right away, our focus shifts from the negative forces in our life (the never-ending and constantly replenishing to-do list, budget restrictions, health concerns) to noticing exactly what is happening at this moment, right here, right now. To accomplish this, we must shift away from the busyness of our mind and get into our body, into our heart. Within seconds, no matter what is happening around us and how we might be interpreting it, we feel good. Then, with our attention on our hearts, we allow one of the many things we’re grateful for to swell up into this inner space.


Think you don’t have much to be grateful for? Think again! The ability to be reading this blog on the internet using a computer is the perfect place to start!

Want something even more simple? How about any one of your five senses? What was the last thing you tasted? What are you able to look up and see around you right now? What can you hear? Who are you able to reach out and hug?

Science backs up all the gratitude hype. Gratitude increases physical and mental health, improves our self-esteem and mental strength, and it helps us to sleep better. Gratitude helps strengthen our relationships with others and with ourselves, not to mention it increases our productivity and the ability to achieve our goals.

When it’s all said and done, taking a pause and cultivating our ability to be grateful produces happiness, and isn’t that what we all want?

So go on, give it a try. I’ll go first: I am extremely grateful for YOU! Your support gives me the ability to do what I love, to write this blog, and to help grow our yoga community. Thank you.

Okay…now it’s your turn!

With Endless Gratitude,

Kristine and the OYC Team



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